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The extraordinary Maserati Quattroporte has a new design which completely personifies the Maserati brand. The new design has been flawlessly developed to provide the classical elegance of famous traditional Italian luxury with breath-taking power and fierce performance.

The new model Quattroporte is significantly larger in size that its predecessors, however it still possesses a sleek streamlined and absolutely dynamic look that Maserati cars are famous for. One of the main distinctive features of Quattroporte is the instantly recognisable Maserati oval shaped front grill which nicely blends into the imposing bonnet and new front LED light display.

The headlights run seamlessly into the sleek side lines starting from the three side air vents which sit behind the front wheels and continue to merge with the arrangement of muscular curves which run up the vehicle to join with the new rear light display. The rear triangular C-pillar proudly sports the Saetta logo expressing the cars links to tradition while adding to its distinctive sporty personality.

Frameless windows intensify the distinctive geometrics of the Quattroporte's complex design, giving the model the look and feel of a sleek coupe. Lower down either side of the vehicle, two brushed steel trapezoidal tailpipes can be found adding even greater eye-catching features to this extraordinary automobile.

Due to in-depth wind tunnel research when developing this new model Quattroporte, the car boasts a number of sculpted lines which have aerodynamically advanced the car. The restyling of the vehicles undercarriage reduces wind resistance due to the improved air flows below its body, as well as the rear boot spoiler which now generates downforce at high speeds. Drivers can therefore be sure of a smooth and comfortable ride in any weather condition.

When stepping into the interior of the Maserati Quattroporte passengers are welcomed into a world of pure extravagance and are surrounded by an atmosphere of sheer luxury. With Poltrona Frau Leather, fine wood and beautiful stitching finishes, these surfaces and materials are the real stars of the Quattroporte interior giving a polished and expensive feel to the models interior. The unique and artistic skill of traditional Italian craftsmanship resonates throughout the entire cabin from the sleek lines of the dashboard to the central tunnel and doors.

The wide stretching dashboard is a celebration of speed and sophistication. The finely crafted details effortlessly portray the sensation of priceless Italian authenticity due to the sheer simplicity and extremely high quality of design. The level of comfort that the design of the new Quattroporte offers is undisputed. The interior space has been specifically designed with passengers in mind and special attention has been paid to seat arrangement and spaciousness. The longer wheel base of the Quattroporte means that it is able to offer rear passengers an abundance of leg room that would be hard to match in any competitor model.

An 8.4" brushed aluminium frame display of the Maserati Touch Control sits nicely in the middle of the dashboard offering drivers complete control of the cars information and entertainment devices. The cars state of the art audio system has been cleverly developed by specialist engineers to offer new heights of musical entertainment.

The luxurious atmosphere of the Quattroporte is nicely topped off by an innovative new night-lighting system which offers fibre optic lighting along the dashboard and doors creating an exclusive and relaxing mood.

Keeping in line with the famous innovative Maserati engine technology, the Quattroporte's new 3.8 litre twin turbo V8 raises the bar as the most high-tech propulsion unit Maserati has ever installed in one of their cars.

In spite of the vehicles large wheelbase, the new Maserati still offers the outstanding handling that is expected of the brand thanks to ideal weight distribution and correct split between the front and rear axles of the car. New steering wheel technology has also been developed to ensure that the driver has the best possible “feel" of the car when cornering at speed, ensuring the Maserati Quattroporte is great fun to drive.

A Sport Skyhook electronic system is included in the Quattroporte giving drivers the option of switching between driving styles. A button is located in the central tunnel of the vehicles cabin which switches the driving experience to a more rigid and damper setting, allowing a sportier driving style. As well as this, a new eight-speed ZF gearbox with auto-adaptive software provides lighter and more efficient gear changes. The last two speeds have been specifically designed to reduce fuel consumption as well as increasing comfort during longer journeys at high speed. A brand new Brembo brake system has also been included, designed to deliver a much quieter drive without compromising on performance.

Each Maserati Quattroporte is an individual masterpiece and can be created with drivers unique and personal tastes in mind thanks to the variety of personalized elements available. Customers can choose from a range of exterior colours and wheel types as well as a number of interior solutions and finishes. There are also a wide choice of customisable features available for the back seat to make every Quattroporte passenger's journey a unique and enjoyable experience.

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