New Maserati Ghibli V6

A Maserati is so much more than a car, it is a masterpiece, and the Maserati Ghibli is no exception with its luxurious style, innovative technology and outstanding performance. This charming car enthrals with its powerful character, capturing attention with its sleek lines creating movement, and its distinctly sculpted forms. This car is the definition of sporty glamour, combining stunning Italian craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to produce the ultimate driving experience.

Engine and Performance ✔ Engine Layout: V6
✔ Displacement: 3.0 L
✔ Acceleration (0-62 mph): 5.5 sec
✔ Max speed: 166 mph
✔ Max power: 350 HP
✔ Traction: RWD
✔ Max torque: 500Nm
Highlights and Options ✔ Full-LED Adaptive Matrix headlights
✔ Advance Driving Assistance System (ADAS)
✔ Soft-close doors and Keyless System
✔ Power Boot Lid and Kick Sensor
✔ Privacy Glass
✔ 8.4” Maserati Touch Control Plus (MTC+)
✔ Front Seat Heating
✔ Harman Kardon Premium Sound
✔ Active Blind Spot Assist
✔ Surround View Camera

Drivers are in complete control when driving the Maserati Ghibli thanks to the carefully engineered and luxuriously designed interior. The leather clad three-spoke steering wheel includes multiple controls which interact with the main multimedia channels displayed on a simple yet striking instrument panel. The cars dynamic data is displayed on a 7" TFT screen which sits in the middle of the large speedometer and rpm counter which have been elegantly designed with white back lighting.

Passengers are treated to an aura of pure extravagance inside the Ghibli with the personification of traditional Italian craftsmanship, soft leather upholstery and delicate stitching finish. This luxurious leather is also displayed on the cars dashboard and side panels, giving a two toned affect that is elegant while nicely emphasising the sporty feel of the car. Wraparound seats also add to the Ghibli's sporty character while ensuring maximum comfort and relaxation. A roomy bench seat in the back cabin accommodates up to three passengers meaning that the lavish style of the Ghibli in no way compromises convenience.

The Maserati Ghibli's nose is distinguished by the famous front grille recognisable from many of Maserati's older models who have inspired this new design. The traditional grille has been given a modern twist, taking the previous oval design and developing it into a rectangular shape which is narrow at the top, coming to meet the cars forceful front LED headlights portraying its strong personality. Front rear mudguards stand out on the sleek silhouette which merge into a single central form displaying a more dynamic and artistic shape.

Three signature air vents sit behind the front wheels while two curvy lines flow to the strapping rear mudguards, adding an even greater touch of glamour to the Maserati Ghibli's stunning design. A sleek and classy look is also achieved by the frameless door windows and triangular C-pillar which displays the famous Saetta logo. The Maserati Ghibli has all the characteristics of the most luxurious of coupes including a length and wheelbase that is one of the biggest in its class, giving drivers so much more than what they would expect.

The Ghibli's sporty look is nicely set-off by the twin exhaust tailpipes and the wide variety of wheels available ranging from 18" to 21", all of which display Maserati's famous Trident logo in the spokes portraying the famously classic and luxurious Maserati design. The rear also displays a tapered boot design and two LED lights with mudguards matching the front design and continuing the stability of the models design.

The Ghibli boasts an impressive 3 litre Twin Turbo V6 engine which has been designed to produce lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions while still offering the powerful sporty performance that the Maserati brand is famous for. This combination has created a performance that has extremely impressive torques and power values ensuring an outstanding and exhilarating drive.

A next-generation eight-speed ZF automatic transmission provides further benefits to the performance and ability of the Ghibli. This lightweight, high performance technology guarantees precise gear shifting controlled through its auto-adaptive software which can identify road conditions, driving styles and adjusts gear changing more accurately.

The sophisticated suspension system offers precise handling and ensures a comfortable ride with a sporty performance. A servco assisted hydraulic steering system is light and smooth, guaranteeing the best 'feel' at the wheel at all times, making the driving experience as much fun as possible.

No limits are placed on the desires and wishes of a Maserati Ghibli owner with the large number of customisable features available. Drivers can choose from an array of different interior colours, leathers and acoustics, as well as variety finishes and trims, ensuring that every Maserati Ghibli is unique and perfectly matched to the individual's tastes and requirements.