Bentley Vehicle Health Check In Hamilton


Available at Bentley Glasgow

How many times lately have you hit a pothole and wondered - surely that must have damaged something? We here a Bentley Glasgow are finding an alarming trend of our customers coming in with either punctures, bulges in tyres or other damage concerns directly attributed to the state of the roads. As a direct response to these issues we are offering a vehicle health check for only £450 inc VAT.

State of the art diagnostic equipment

We will undertake to carry out a full steering and suspension geometry alignment check using our state of the art Hunter computerised equipment, and a full tyre and wheel report. If there is any damage or adjustments are required, we will give you a full report, and in the case of minor adjustments, we can carry these out for a nominal additional charge which we can discuss with you.

What's included?

• Full suspension alignment check
• Full steering alignment check
• All vehicle makes welcome
• Full tyre & wheel report*

*Maximum wheel diameter of 21 inches