I trust you are enjoying the Continental GT you recently purchased. While the car is unquestionably the benchmark of design and performance, let me take this opportunity to introduce you to the Mulliner Styling Specification – a new feature that offers the opportunity to give your car's exterior a subtle, but powerfully sportier style.

There is supporting literature available should you be interested, however may I suggest that there is nothing quite like seeing the pack for yourself and you can do that by dropping into our dealership at your leisure.

The Mulliner Styling Specification comprises a core Classic Pack with additional features available to personalise your Continental GT even further. Every component is meticulously hand crafted from glass finish black carbon fibre, the premium material of choice for the motorsport industry, and finished to the exacting standards expected of Bentley. The finished effect is unapologetically striking and adds a touch more individuality to a car already unlike any other.

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Neil McCallum
Brand Manager
Tel: 01698 303844