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The new Zoe is the latest electronic car by Renault, and this vehicle doesn't compromise on style and comfort while still making the car eco-friendly. A compact and reliable car, the new Renault has been designed to offer an alternative to the usual supermini vehicles.


The Zoe doesn't compromise on style, and the teardrop shape of the chassis expresses the fluidity of the model. The interior is simple and contemporary, giving both driver and passenger a calming feel.


When it comes to performance, the Zoe gives you a maximum power of 88hp (hp DIN), and has zero CO2 emissions – making it exempt from Road Tax, Congestion Charges and other benefits – this is a car that the Government wants you to drive. Due to the electronically powered motor, noise emission is far less than its fuel powered rivals, which means your drive can be tranquil and peaceful – valuable if you have a fast paced lifestyle. Maximising safety, the Zoe is silent especially at low speeds, so when driving under 18mph the ‘Z.E. Voice’ emits noises to warn pedestrians of your presence, while ZOE’s ‘Take Care’ package includes an air ioniser to combat air pollution filtering into the cabin, as well as a fragrance diffuser to give a relaxing or stimulating environment according to occupant preference.​​


The new Renault Zoe hits UK showrooms with a starting price of only £13,445 – as the Government's Plug-in Car Grant means the RRP is subsidised by up to £5,000, due to the environmental friendliness of electric vehicles. Not only that but it is available in three trim levels and expertly combines advanced technology with a 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating. Monthly battery hire starts from £45 per month and in the cost of monthly battery rental, full breakdown cover is included, while you can also get a charge-up should you run flat.


The ZOE's R-Link comprises a seven-inch embedded tablet in the dashboard with touchscreen display, steering wheel-mounted controls and voice recognition. It also features a connected store giving access to specific apps and services, as well as email and tweets.

Additional Innovation comes in the form of the ' My Z.E. Inter@ctive app' which enables ZOE drivers to control pre-conditioning (cooling or heating of cabin temperature) and charging schedules from their smartphone or tablet – making sure their car is always ready for business. The cars built-in sat nav is also able to locate the nearest charging points while travelling.


The ever-increasing development and growth of electric vehicles mean that charging is becoming cheaper and easier. The Universal Charger in the Zoe shows this as the charger is compatible with various power sources and you can choose between three charging options; standard charge is a full charge up that takes between six to nine hours, while on Zoe with Rapid Charge facility a quick charge can give you 37 miles worth of driving charge in under 10 minutes or 80 per cent charge in 30 minutes. 

The fast charge options are considerably cheaper than previous equivalents too. Depending on the power of the charging station, charging from 3kW up to 43kW can be provided and this results in the charging time of either 30 minutes (Rapid Charge) or up to four hours from its free 7kW domestic single Wallbox, supplied and installed by British Gas.


Thanks to the 'Range OptimiZEr' package of three major innovations (bi-modal regenerative braking, heat pump and Michelin EnergyTM E-V tyres) the ZOE battery life is said to offer 100 miles+ on an undisturbed drive, but in stop-start city driving the Renault offers between 62-92 miles between each charge. This range is dependent on the traffic conditions and the weather, as warmer weather increases the range, while cold weather does the opposite. With that said the new Renault ZOE delivers the longest range of any purely electric vehicle in its class.​

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