Honda Winter Wheels in Lanarkshire, Ayrshire, Aberdeenshire & County of Inverness


Around about the time you get out your winter coat, it’s worth thinking about your tyres too. The cold, wet weather will have an impact on the performance of your regular tyres. You may notice reduced traction, higher fuel consumption and increased noise. Our winter tyres are made from specially formulated compounds that stay softer in lower temperatures, meaning a better grip on the road. Tests show they can improve stopping distances by up to 30%.



Standard tyres aren’t optimised for cold winter temperatures. In real winter conditions they tend to lose a lot of traction. So use the right tyres for the right conditions.

For your convenience Honda has prepared competitively priced, fully assembled sets of winter wheels (rims and winter tyres). There is one or more winter tyre available for each type of rim (always refer to the table)

Honda winter tyres and wheels contribute directly to your driving comfort. All of the tyres available have been specially developed for Honda. They satisfy the highest safety standards, are manufactured from the highest quality materials and moreover they perfectly fit the style of the car they were designed for.

• Use your winter tyres from October to March
• From 7° C - and certainly lower - it is advisable to switch to winter tyres
• Winter tyres give you better handling and a minimum braking distance
• Winter tyres reduce the chance of aquaplaning
• They offer a more comfortable ride and reduce noise
• A second set of tyres can save you a huge amount of damage and worry
• In some countries, winter tyres are even a legal requirement
• Don’t wear them out by using them all year round.
• Store them in a dry, cool, dark place away from sunlight