BMW S 1000 RR

NEW BMW S 1000 RR In East Kilbride



The BMW S 1000 RR completely transformed the supersports category on its release in 2009 and has been made over once more with BMW fully reforming the bike's technology, design and fittings for 2015.

The essence of superbike, the RR has been re-worked to include increased power and performance and improved rider usability. With a power output of 199hp (146 kW), the new and improved RR has an additional 6hp more than its predecessor, torque is boosted above 5000rpm and it is some 4 kilos lighter to make for a faster, more agile ride.

Maintaining its reputation as the swiftest, smartest and most well-suited 1000cc road missile, the overhaul sees the S 1000 RR adopt speed limiters, lean-angle readouts, and the first cruise control system ever fitted to a superbike.


In terms of design the bikes flyline is razor-sharp and exceptionally clear and the degree of the contours and shapes are perfectly composed. BMW have revamped this model from the front to the rear, restoring everything from frame rigidity, the wheel base, the headlamp and the swingarm pivot point to its newly designed exhaust system without front silencer.


Now in its third generation, this class-leading superbike in addition to its key changes to design and performance, takes a substantial leap in technical spec. The electronic suspension components DDC and DTC have been enhanced to enable even greater ground clearance and turning agility, ensuring overall improved traction while optimised propulsion is assisted by elements such as the Shift Assistant Pro and the e-gas throttle actuator for more defined and direct control.

An extra programmable 'user' riding mode also features on the new S 1000 RR giving this bike five riding modes as opposed to just four on the previous model.

Taking the S 1000 RR a step further for model year 2015, every component of the model was categorically reconsidered. The result is a superbike that once more sets the benchmark in its class.