BMW R 1200 RT

NEW BMW R 1200 RT In East Kilbride



With fun, free-spirited performance, practical design and unsurpassed levels of comfort, the BMW R 1200 RT is a multiple award-winner and could well be the ultimate touring bike.

The RT's air/water-cooled boxer engine provides plenty of power for each journey, outputting up to 125bhp and a maximum torque of 120Nm at 6,000rpm. Both the rider and passenger will be comfortable, thanks to the large seating area, while control over the road is assured with a choice of 'Road' or 'Rain' riding styles. Meanwhile, handy removable saddlebags on each side offer unrivalled practicality over long distances.

Numerous optional extras are provided, too, including Electronic Stability Adjustment (ESA), which further enhances ride stability, and Shift Assistant Pro, which allows you to maximise your fuel efficiency when changing gears.


Normally you would expect a bike with this level of practicality to appear bulky or unwieldy, but BMW has managed to buck the trend with the R 1200 RT. Flowing lines and subtle colours ensure that the bike has a distinct aura of lightness and breezy performance – perfectly complementing the ride itself.

Safety Features

ABS is fitted in the RT as standard, with Automatic Stability Control (ASC) serving as an assistant to the rider in ensuring that control is maintained at all times. Not only that, but the windshield is tall enough to offer superb protection from any stray debris or adverse weather that may otherwise impact the safety of the rider.

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