BMW C 600 Sport

New BMW C 600 Sport in East Kilbride

Drive home the BMW C600 Sport in Scotland today

Take to the streets with the BMW C 600 Sport. Built from the ground up to excel in an urban environment, this chic and energetic dynamo from the celebrated German manufacturer will get you where you need to go in style.


With a 647cc, two-cylinder liquid-cooled engine unit, the C 600 Sport is capable of outputting up to 59bhp – more than enough for the city. And with 66Nm of torque, you know that you'll have plenty of power when you need it. Efficiency is assured, too; due to electronic fuel injection technology the C 600 Sport is capable of up to 64.2mpg combined.

Handling is pleasantly responsive, thanks to the incorporation of a motorcycle-style rigid suspension system. This accomplishes two things: firstly, it provides stability at high speeds; and secondly, it allows more direct feedback to the rider in dense traffic or tight spaces. In terms of comfort, the rider is accommodated comfortably, with generous stowage compartments and a sporty seat design which allows for a more exciting ride.


The C 600 Sport redefines how an urban maxi-scooter should look. Gone are the quaint designs of old-style scooters: this model exudes urban cool and assured poise, thanks to its angular dimensions and imposing front end.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount in a busy urban environment. Luckily, the C 600 Sport is equipped with a full range of equipment to help you navigate the treacherous city streets safely. ABS and high-visibility LED daytime running lights are standard, while generous 270mm diameter brakes at the front and back ensure minimised stopping distances.

To find out more about the BMW C 600 Sport, or to book a test ride, contact Parks BMW today.