BMW C Evolution

New BMW C Evolution in East Kilbride

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The future is here, and it comes in the form of the BMW C Evolution. With an aerodynamic body style and some of the greenest credentials on the market, this model is set to make a stir on the UK urban mobility scene.


Where most maxi-scooters feature conventional combustion engines, the C Evolution is entirely electric. The major benefit, of course, is economy. With up to 62 miles between charges, it's extremely cheap to run, and recharging takes just four hours. But the engine is relatively powerful, too, with up to 47bhp and a top speed of 75mph, ensuring that you can put your foot down when you need to.

The sophisticated on-board systems of the C Evolution allow you to customise your ratio of power and efficiency, with 'Eco Pro' mode maximising the amount of energy recuperated. Meanwhile, the rider travels in comfort, thanks to heated handlebar grips and a large seat, along with a TFT colour display which provides relevant information.


The C Evolution represents just that – an evolution in urban mobility. The design reflects this futuristic idealism, with clean, angular lines and LED daytime running lights. The silver/green colour scheme fits nicely with the model's noble environmental commitments, and also helps to make it stand out on the road.

Safety Features

The C Evolution doesn't only lead the way when it comes to efficiency. With advanced passive and active systems, the same can be said for safety. As with all BMW Motorrad bikes ABS comes as standard, but the Evolution is also available with Torque Control Assist (TCA), which limits torque at the rear wheel depending on the amount of slip detected. The result is a maxi-scooter which works to prevent accidents and keep you safe.

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